Tools That I Used to Create
These Pages

My primary tool for Web Page layout is Microsoft FrontPage.  I've done HTML work by hand but find that I can complete pages more quickly by using FrontPage.   This is due to the years that I have spent using  layout and text packages, including PageMaker, PowerPoint, Word, and Folio.  FrontPage allows me to convert Word documents in a snap.  Since FrontPage is like many Microsoft products in that it does too much of what it thinks that I want, cleanup work is required.  As a result, I hand tool the HTML code to meet my needs.

For graphics I use Adobe Photoshop.   I'm not trained as a graphic artist but Photoshop allows me to create the graphics that I need, usually quickly.  I also use the Microsoft Image Composer application that comes with FrontPage for the WordArt.  If you see text moving in a circle in this web, it probably started in Image Composer.

I tend to use what is handy and free.  Microsoft GIF Animator comes free with FrontPage, so that is my GIF animation tool.  I use Windows' CHARMAP application to see the fonts and grabbed the free Dingbat fonts from the Microsoft Free Core Fonts for the Web page for creating icons in Photoshop.

Finally, I use Opera as my web browser.  Opera is the web browser that most closely adheres to the web browser standards.  If a web page looks good in Opera, chances are it will look good in Internet Explorer or Netscape.   I keep copies of America Online for quality checking as well.

Most of this web work was done on one of my four home-built PC's.  My primary system is running Windows 2000 and features dual 533 Mhz Celeron processors with 256 megabytes of RAM and an 40 gigabyte hard drive.  I'm connected to the Internet via DSL, with an ISDN modem as a backup.  In order to spread the network throughout my home, I'm running two Linksys 802.11b wireless access points in bridge mode.

My scanner is a Microtek ScanMaker X6EL.   This 600x1200 dpi unit plugs into a PCI SCSI board installed inside of my primary computer.

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