Karen's and Matt's House

Map To House From Route 50
Directions to the house:

  • To get there, pick up Route 50, heading from D.C..  Or, if you are taking Route 15, head to the east.

  • Turn onto South Riding Boulevard. 

  • Get into right lane on South Riding Boulevard. 

  • At first stop sign, make a right onto Tall Cedar Parkway. Get into left lane.

  • At the first stop sign on Tall Cedar Parkway, make a left onto Elk Lick.

  • Go straight on Elk Lick for approximately 5 streets (passing Demeritt and Eustis).

  • Make a left onto Golf View Road (the first street after Eustis).
    NOTE: Francis Square is the road to the left, in front of the townhouses, that runs parallel to Golf View Road. 

  • Make a left onto Gover Drive. 43092 Francis Square is the first townhouse on the left, immediately after the left turn.  See drawing below.

Mini-Map To House

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